Shasta Presents “The Happy Gang”! Born 3/27/19. We are over the moon with the results of this breeding so far and have 8 gorgeous, healthy 5 week old babies. Of course, this is the first time I have updated the webpage because I have been a bit busy! We have 6 girls and 2 boys and all girls are awaiting placement in their fantastic forever homes! I have held off on a couple placements for the boys because, at this time, we are hoping to find a fabulous local or regional (Wash, Or, Cali) home where the boys will be able to attend some AKC shows and obtain their Championship titles.

Shasta’s Whole Lotta Heaven, Shasta’s Walking on Sunshine, Shasta’s Light of a Clear Blue MorningShasta’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Shasta’s Keep Your Heart Young, Shasta’s Hang on Little Tomato Shasta’s Let Me Take You There, Shasta’s Knee Deep